Early Intermediate

Jubilation $4.00

Allen Myers

Jubilation is a one-hand early intermediate piano solo composed by Allen Myers which can be played with either hand. The solo is written once in treble clef and then again in bass clef. Independent control of the fingers is required for the two part writing as fingers 1 or 5 is often held while the remainder play. The majority of the piece holds to a five finger position though the five finger position shifts several times throughout. Performers could consider playing the piece with their less dominant hand, the clef which they struggle to read, or learn the solo twice for both hands.

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Pumkin Patch $4.00

Jane Hergo

This is a sneaky sounding solo in F minor with an ABA form. A slightly faster tempo change takes place at the B section with a new theme.  With the shifting of clef signs, a momentary meter change from 4/4 to 2/4 then back again, and varied articulation in both hands will keep the early intermediate performer engaged throughout this surprising solo feature.

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