Nouvelle Music Publishing is committed to providing inspiring music for the creatively inclined performers. The variety of composers backgrounds featured by Nouvelle Music Publishing include composer of music for TV, Film and Advertising, association with some of the biggest music publishing companies, a major editor for several of these publishers, years of association with the National Federation of Music Clubs both as contributors of piano works for decades in their bulletins and national level involvement with the organization. 

In 2020 Nouvelle Music acquired Noteworthy Publications which features the piano music of Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft. New editions of the collected works are being released. Several have been released already as apart of the NFMC Bulletin of 2020-2024. These works include Chi-Chow-Mein the Hungry Dragon by Carole Flatau, New-Fashioned Old Fashioned Waltz by Carrie Kraft and Wave the Flag Proudly by Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft. Also included are the piano trios for one piano and six hands Old Woman, Old Woman and Itsy Bitsy Spider both composed by Carrie Kraft. These compositions along with Jane Hergo’s jazzy Skeleton Skedaddle piano solo and Gems on the Lake piano duet are also included in the NFMC 2020-2024 Bulletin.