Soon to be Released

Soon a pedagogical considerations document resource will be available for free download on the home page. This chart is organized by category (five finger, next step beyond five finger, hand crossing, meter changes, less common meters, key changes, tempo changes, changing clefs, fast tempo, swing rhythm, and more) to make it possible to see what music is available by level, the amount of usage in the solo and/or book (light, medium, heavy) and sometimes a description. This resource is a living document on the website.

Callie the confident calico cat of composer Carrie Kraft is immortalized in this animated and energetic intermediate duet for one piano and four hands. From its regal intro in C major to the upbeat first theme, tempo shifts continue with occasional ritardandos between sections challenging performers to think as one. Following the lively first theme, the composition is contrasted with an A Major section in 3/4 at an andante tempo. A brief return to the first theme, once again in 4/4, is followed by a shortened version of the regal intro in C Major once again. The piece concludes with a presto coda bound to bring any recital to a rousing conclusion.