Soon To Be Released

Soon to be released is a new book by Allen Myers entitled Vignettes for Solo Piano A study in Intervals. The 21 intermediate to late intermediate solos are based on intervals from a second up to an octave. Most of the solos introduce an interval in a fairly tonal or modal setting followed by a chromatic setting. As the pianist progresses through the book slowly intervals are combined such as odd intervals (3rds & 5ths and then eventually 3rds, 5ths & 7ths)  as well as even intervals (2nds & 4ths, 4ths & 6ths, 6ths & 8ths and then 2nd, 4ths, 6ths and 8ths). The book concludes several solos that combine intervals featured. This collection may be of interest to those interested in the sounds of jazz as numerous vignettes require use of the swing rhythm and syncopation. Teachers should appreciate detailed fingering that will guide the performer throughout each vignette.

Free Download Chart of Pedagogial Considerations

Soon a pedagogical considerations free download will be available on the home page. This chart will make it possible for you to choose a category and see what music is available by level in that category, the amount of usage in the solo and/or book (light, medium, heavy) and where applicable a description. Some of the categories include five finger, next step beyond five finger, hand crossing, meter changes, less common meters, key changes, tempo changes, changing clefs, fast tempo, swing rhythm and more. 

New Editions of Carrie Kraft Music Soon to be released