Soon To Be Released


Piano Books by Jane Hergo

For those familiar with one of her long selling book Five Finger Frolics, recently out of print and to be released in a new edition in 2022, Piano Tidbits Book 1 and 2 are tuneful character pieces for solo piano that raise expectations in phrasing for the elementary performer. Detailed dynamics, slurs, articulations, accidentals used in place of key signatures, and octave hand position shifts will keep the performer alert. For the adult returning to piano after many years, these books will heighten their awareness to notation while limiting the note range for reinforcing note names once again. Piano Tidbits Book 2, available in the next few weeks, is a great choice for those performers who are familiar with five finger position songs and are ready for the occasional shifts in hand position.

New edition of the intermediate solos Keyboard Confections should be available sometime early in 2022.