By Composer

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Carole Flatau

Chi-Chow-Mein, The Hungry Dragon - Elementary Piano Duet

Noteworthy Elementary Solos by Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft - Elementary

Wave the Flag Proudly  - Elementary Piano Duet by Carol Flatau and Carrie Kraft


Lost Quarter Blues - Easy Beginner

Missy Moo the Wind-up Cow - Easy Beginner

My Day - Easy Beginner

Oops! I Hit a Bump! - Easy Beginner

Hurrah for Folk Songs - Early Intermediate by Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft 


Carrie Kraft

Ashore on an Unknown Island - Intermediate

A Zen Moment - Late Elementary

Callie the Great - Intermediate Piano Duet

Deserted Carousel - Early Intermediate

Hello Sunshine - Early Elementary

Hot Sidewalk, Bare Feet! - Early Intermediate

Hurrah for Folk Songs - Early Intermediate by Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft 

In a Bonsai Garden - Late Elementary

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Intermediate Piano Trio

Jiggity Jig - Early Elementary

Journey to an Oasis - Intermediate

New-Fashioned, Old-Fashioned Waltz - Intermediate Piano Duet

Old Woman, Old Woman - Intermediate Piano Trio

Santa Rosa Breezes - Late Intermediate

Stargazing - Elementary

Tall Timber Two-Step - Late Elementary


Jane Hergo

Atmospheric Sketches - Advance

Blue Ghost - Early Elementary

Celebrate! - Elementary

Chili Peppers - Intermediate Piano Duet

Fantasies - Advanced

Gems on the Lake - Late Intermediate Piano Duet

Gentle Rain - Late Intermediate

Goblin Rag Intermediate

Ghostly Gathering - Late Elementary

Five Finger Frolics - Early Elementary

Halloween Delights for Five Fingers - Elementary

Halloween Happenings - Late Elementary

Haunted Hollow - Early Elementary

Keyboard Confections - Intermediate

Leprechaun Jig (Duet) - Early Elementary

March of the Mighty - Late Elementary

Mexicano Suite - Intermediate

Mostly Ghostly - Late Intermediate

Piano Tidbits Book One and Book Two - Elementary

Pumpkin Patch - Early Intermediate

Skeleton Skedaddle - Late Intermediate

Snow Swirls - Advance

Son Colorès - Advance

Songbird - Late Elementary

Spanish Magic - Advance

Summer Scenes - Intermediate


Allen Myers

Agitation - Intermediate

Contemplation - Intermediate

Dancing Through the Night (Duet) Early Advance

Dancing Through the Night (Solo) - Early Advance

Freedom Ragtime - Late Intermediate

Jubilation - Early Intermediate

Military March - Intermediate

Scherzo - Late Intermediate

Springtime Rag - Early Advance

Summertime Rag - Late Intermediate

The Many Adventures of Axel Sloan - Intermediate

Toccata - Late Intermediate

Vignettes for Solo Piano - Intermediate to Late Intermediate