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Easy Beginner Piano Solos by Carole Flatau

Lost Quarter Blues "I had a quarter, where is it now? Must have lost it, wonder how." The beat doesn't get lost, just the money. A solo for the kids to share.

My Day A boring d-minor day, "kind of cranky, not much fun," doesn't hold much promise. The scene improves and the key becomes D Major. It's a great day!

Oops! I Hit a Bump! This piece has words to sing and bumps to bump. Students are invited to create a better bump sound than those written. Imagination knows no bounds. Key of C, with crossovers and a pair of eighths. What Fun!

Missy Moo the Wind-up Cow Warning: the tune stays in your mind! It's an easy piece to sing and play. Kids love having Missy slow way down, and then winding her up to get going again.

Early Intermediate Piano Solos by Carole Flatau and Carrie Kraft 

Hurrah for Folk Songs Favorite songs to play and sing. Set in singable keys with historical tidbits about each song, it's a keep-it-handy collection. All pieces are satisfying to play; they sound good. A nice mix of titles and styles. Titles include: Sweet Betsy from Pike, Lorena, Down in the Valley, Shenandoah, the Star-Spangled Banner, and more.